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What is Powerful Feedback?
Professionals and leaders seldom receive as much honest, straightforward feedback—positive and negative—as they need for an accurate self-perception. A 360 survey provides confidential performance feedback to professionals or leaders about how they are viewed by their customers, clients, managers, supervisor, peers, and others. Typically the 360 is used in conjunction with skill-building workshops designed to improve selected skills. The professional or leader gains a realistic picture of his or her strengths and weaknesses when anonymous feedback solicited from others is compared with self-evaluations. Accurate self-perception is the necessary prelude to effective behavior, which in turn is the necessary prelude to results.

Accurate Self-Perception Effective Behavior Results

Other potential benefits of 360 surveys are targeted at organizational change and improvement. By increasing professional self-awareness through formalized feedback, an organization's culture may well become more team-based and participatory. This should ultimately lead to increasing levels of trust and communication among employees and between employee groups.
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